About us

Since heralding its arrival in the bustling heart of New York City in 1978, Carol Dauplaise, Ltd. has not just been a brand; it's been a revolution in women's fashion jewelry. What started with the visionary Carol herself, alongside a single designer and a dedicated salesperson, has flourished into one of the country's most esteemed distributors of fashion jewelry, gracing the displays of large retailers and the lives of style-savvy women alike.

In this era of relentless digital evolution and shifting style landscapes, we're thrilled to extend an invitation to explore our newly launched online store. This milestone isn't just about growth; it's a heartfelt salute to the long-lasting relationships we've built with retailers who've woven their trust into our brand's fabric. Our commitment? To continue adorning you with choices that not only reflect but empower your unique style narrative in this digital fashion era.

At Carol Dauplaise, Ltd., we do not merely sell jewelry; we forge partnerships in personal and professional elegance, considering it not just an accessory, but a life necessity for today's modern woman. Our collections are narrated by designers who not only anticipate the future of fashion but who sculpt it with an exquisite blend of sophistication and creativity. With Carol Dauplaise, Ltd., you're not choosing jewelry; you're choosing unparalleled style, unmatched value, and uncompromised quality.

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Dive into our digital world, and together, let's continue to define what it means to be fashion-forward.